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Client Testimonials

Parents are at the frontlines of birth. We believe in them and have developed close relationships with many, some lasting far beyond our contracts and obligations. Some have invited us to their child’s birthdays, weddings and have kept in touch over the years. We often support them in subsequent pregnancies and sometimes become life-long friends. We cherish those experiences, whether they last the time of labour or over generations.

Here are a few things some of our clients have said about our support:

“I can’t explain my appreciation for [our doula], she did more than her job, and made this the most beautiful experience of my life! Without her I know I could not have been able to enjoy it. She took lots of time with me after the birth as well which was wonderful.”

- M.M.

“When labour started I felt very well prepared. I had ‘no surprises’ and felt I was in control. [Our doula] made it easy for me to make the decisions required. I was also very glad that she was there to take the burden off my husband.”

- C.G.

“Thank you so much for your extraordinary support. I could have never coped without you! And for the beautiful pictures. You did more than your job to ensure the most wonderful outcome. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience, I can’t begin to describe my love for this precious little angel. Thank you for making this such a beautiful time for baby and me!”

- M.M.

“During labour [our doula's] presence was very reassuring and calming. It was a relief to know someone was looking out for you! Techniques using the Birth Ball, massage and different positions were very beneficial. I would recommend the use of a labour assistant to any woman!”

- D.B.

“With our baby being six weeks early, there were concerns and precautions taken that, without [our doula's] explanations and support, would have been much more difficult to handle on an emotional level.”

- D.F.

Dads speak up too:
“With cut backs in the health care system [our doula] was able to provide us with the level of care for [my wife] that we expected. [Our doula]‘s professionalism and caring made the labour and birthing process much easier for [my wife] by helping her focus and breathing. She seems to have everything in her bag to help (socks, flax bag, rice pack, labour aid, etc.) Seeing [my wife] in a more comfortable labour helped me feel more relaxed and made me a more effective partner.”

- H.S.