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Is there any current research on Doulas?


Yes there is.

In the late 1970′s, when Drs. John Kennell and Marshall Klaus investigated ways to enhance maternal-infant bonding they found, almost accidentally, that introducing a doula into the labour room not only improved the bond between mother and infant, but also seemed to decrease the incidence of complications. Since their original studies, published in the 1980s, numerous scientific trials have been conducted in many countries, comparing and analyzing how the type of person providing care appears to make a difference.

Research has looked at labour support provided by doulas from a number of angles; in hospitals, in penitentiaries, multicultural settings, low-income families, single parents, etc. Whatever the angle results have been showing that labour support provided by caregivers who come to the labour setting expressly to provide this care appears to offer women more benefits than labour support provided by medical caregivers from that setting.


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