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What are the DAE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice?


As DAE doulas we abide by a Code of Ethics (PDF) and Standards of Practice (PDF) which delineate our scope of practice, skills and boundaries. We as DAE doulas choose to abide by these at all times throughout our professional practice.

If at any time a Doula is found to practice outside of scope, the association asks caregivers and families to communicate directly with the said doula. It also encourages individuals to send a letter in writing to the association AND to the certifying agency of the said doula. This letter should describe the event with contact information, names, dates and any other relevant details. The Doula will also be encouraged to submit a letter explaining her version of the event and the circumstances as she experienced them.

If doulas are under review, their membership is suspended until the situation is clarified.

The Edmonton Doula Association believes that the actions of one DAE doula does not reflect the association as a whole.