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What are the qualifications of a DAE Doula?


Have you ever noticed the acronym (CD)DONA?
This means that this doula met DONA’s certification requirements and is considered a certified doula.

Although this is the most recognizable doula credential, doulas come from diverse backgrounds. All are deeply interested in a woman’s well-being during their childbearing year. The members of the Doula Association of Edmonton have obtained training and their certification from one or more of the following organizations:

Association for Labor Assistants & Childbirth Educators (ALACE)

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)

International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

La Leche League

Lamaze International

DONA International


For certification, some of these organizations like DONA require doulas to:

1. Attend an approved Birth Doula Workshop of 16 or more hours in length.
2. Read the required reading list
3. Complete an approved12 hour Childbirth Preparation series
4. Complete a lactation education or breastfeeding study program
5. Provide doula service to a minimum of three clients. The births documented must meet the following criteria: The three births combined must have the doula present for a minimum of 15 hours total, presence as the birth doula must be continuous, doula must remain for the birth of the baby to provide immediate postpartum support, and cesarean births may account for only one of the three required birth experiences, a 500-700 word account of each birth, a Client Confidentiality Release Form, and evaluation records for each of the three births from the doctor or midwife, nurse and client of the services rendered.
6. A written essay on the value and purpose of labour support

All DAE Doulas must read, sign and abide by the Code of Ethics (PDF) and Standards of Practice (PDF) of the association.

Many doulas have additional education at the college and university levels. Some have degrees or certificates in the Sciences and the Arts as well as in kinesiology, nursing, nutrition, fertility management, counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal therapy, childcare, etc.