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What are the benefits of Doula support?


A reduction in

  1. Caesarean rate
  2. Instrument delivery
  3. Oxytocin use
  4. Epidural requests
  5. Analgesia use
  6. Length of labour
  7. Maternal fever and infection
  8. Maternal bleeding
  9. Maternal anxiety
  10. Maternal sense of isolation
  11. Infant and maternal hospital stays
  12. Postpartum depression

An increase in

  1. Maternal sense of control
  2. Maternal pain threshold
  3. Spontaneous vaginal birth
  4. Individualized clinical judgment
  5. Infant breastfeeding
  6. Maternal-Infant bonding
  7. Maternal satisfaction with her childbirth experience
  8. Family well-being

Effects on the Health Care System

  1. Lower use of medication
  2. Lower use of hospital beds
  3. Lower use of medical staff
  4. Lower use of emergency services
  5. Dramatic reduction in the cost of obstetrical care
  6. Educated citizens
  7. Focus on preventative rather than palliative care