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What is a Postpartum Doula?


A Postpartum Doula is a professional who

  • Provides physical comfort to the new mother by helping her for her postpartum body.
  • Provides emotional support for the new family by listening to their birth story, validating their experience, supporting the couple into their transition to parenting, and by helping siblings adjust to the presence of the baby
  • Provides guidance in infant care
  • Offers basic household assistance
  • Offer day and night shifts

However Postpartum Doulas do not evaluate mothers’ or babies’ medical condition, take over the care of the baby, insist new parents care for their baby in any particular style or do heavy cleaning (mopping, cleaning bathtubs, etc.).

Every doula has her own personal style and emphasizes different facets of doula care. You can review the DAE Standards of practice and Code of EthicsĀ to understand the birth doula’s scope of practice and where the boundaries of her practice are. In any case, you should discuss any questions or concerns you have with each individual doula.